We both sponsor a child via Compassion. Both are wonderful girls.

KJ's girl, named Kermenjjie, is living in Haiti and Claire's girl, named Elvia, is living in Equator.

Compassion is an evangelical Christian child sponsorship organisation who give loving Christians a chance to make a difference. Rather than being overwhelmed by the staggering statistics of poverty we believe it is our Christian responsibility to help the poor as Christ did.

Compassion works through local churches overseas to release children from economic, social, physical and spiritual poverty. The local church is a powerful resource. Local Christians have knowledge of the specific needs of their communities, and provide integrity, long term commitment and Christian support to children and their families. Compassion provides resources, training, support and expert advice to help the local church operate a Compassion project.

It costs just $32 a month to sponsor a child from out of the USA. For the Netherlands it costs just 29 euros. The child you help will have just one sponsor; you. Through letters, pictures, and prayers, you develop a personal relationship with your child. Your impact will be immense as you take an active interest in the life of your child. Thank you so much for your help!

As a proud ambassador of Compassion,

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